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How does my waitlist work?

At Tixel, we've re-imagined waitlists to help you and your fans get the most out of their ticketing experience.

Unlike other ticketing waitlists out there, the Tixel waitlist is dynamic. Fans who join the waitlist are actively informed when a ticket becomes available, removing the need for intervention from event organisers, and ensuring that fans are happy.

How Does it Work?

Fans can opt-in for alerts, gets these in real-time when a ticket is available, and can then purchase a ticket safely and easily.

They can choose to receive notifications via Facebook Messenger or email when someone lists a ticket to a particular event on Tixel. See some more info here

They can also choose to pre-authorize their credit card, to automatically purchase a ticket when it becomes available.

Transparency for Organisers

As an organiser, you have full transparency over the waitlist via your Tixel dashboard. To access your waitlist data;

  1. Log into your Tixel dashboard
  1. Select your event from Future or Past Events
  1. Click on the "waitlist" tab

Here, you'll be able to see how many fans have joined, how many are actively seeking tickets, and how many have pre-authorised their purchase.

Find out how to get the most out of your Tixel waitlist here

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