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Customising your event and setting ticket rules

Tixel gives organisers increased control of their resale exchange. Settings are available for creators to access self-service via their organiser platform.

Once you add an event to your Tixel dashboard, you will be able to set the resale rules in the "ticket settings" tab;

Price Cap

Creators can adjust the price cap within geo-specific limitations, which will limit the upper limit that a seller will be able to list their ticket for.

Updating the naming convention of a ticket type

Creators can change the Display Name of ticket types so that they are displayed on the Tixel event page as something else.

Example 1-  A creator can update the alias of an ‘Early Bird’, ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Final Round’ ticket to ‘Festival Pass’ and all will display as this name instead of the tier names.

Example 2 - if ticket types are suitable for 21 years and older, you can include this info in the display name so it’s clear to buyers, “ Festival pass (21 yrs+

Allowing ticket types

Organisers can choose which ticket types they want to allow to be resold by fans by selecting or deselecting the check boxes in their Tixel dashboard above.

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