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What to do if Humanitix ticket transfers are failing

Every time a ticket is traded on Tixel, we use your Humanitix credentials to action the ticket transfer between buyer and seller. This is how we move tickets between the seller's account, to the Buyer's account safely.

If your Humanitix credentials are missing or incorrect, we can't finalise the transfer and the Tixel buyer doesn't receive their ticket.

So, if you've received the "Transfer failed" email, it's important to follow the 'add credentials' button and enter your correct Humanitix username and password.

To change credentials, click on "integrations" in your menu in the right-hand corner of the webpage;

Then enter your credentials;

Tip: Your web browser (chrome/safari/firefox) might suggest putting your Tixel password in here, but we require your Humanitix password

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