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Set-up essentials - what you need to know about how Tixel will effect your Eventbrite account

Eventbrite order form settings

When setting up your Eventbrite order form, it is recommended that you switch off the setting that allows attendees to edit their own information after registration. This ensures that the only way to sell a ticket and have the name updated is via Tixel.

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This also eliminates the risk of scammers changing the name on their Eventbrite ticket and potentially passing on multiple copies of a ticket with the same barcode via other platforms such as Facebook or Gumtree.

If an attendee wants to pass their ticket on to a friend, they can list the ticket privately on Tixel for their friend to purchase. The buyer will be issued a ticket with a new barcode along with the updated name.


Hidden Ticket Types

When a creator adds their event to Tixel,  a hidden resale ticket tier is created via API (below). This ticket type will have a capacity of 1 and is only used for temporary administration purposes to facilitate ticket transfers, but will never be seen publicly. Do not delete these ticket types. Deleting these tiers will prevent Tixel from being able to facilitate ticket transfers. For normal general admission events, a single resale tier will be created. For events using sections on Eventbrite, a resale tier will be created for each section.

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Adding new ticket types or changing ticket types

Changing ticket type names mid-campaign or adding new ticket tiers can cause confusion with the Tixel system.

Where new ticket types are added, creators must re-sync their ticket types by clicking the re-sync button in their Tixel dashboard.

To update and sync tickets, head to Setup > Settings and select Eventbrite from the dropdown menu.

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Eventbrite transfer settings

Tixel uses the ‘Registration Transfers' to facilitate fan-to-fan transfers. The default registration transfer settings when an event is setup in Eventbrite are suitable. No changes are required.

If you enable attendees to perform their own registration transfers on some (or all) ticket types, this won't cause any problems.


Viewing Tixel orders in your Eventbrite reports

Tickets purchased on Tixel will show as a new transferred order in your Eventbrite orders report.

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