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Integrating your Ticket Tailor account with Tixel

Tixel is integrated with Ticket Tailor. This means that you can connect your Ticket Tailor account to your Tixel account.

Once the integration is activated and a ticket is resold on Tixel, it will be cancelled and a brand new one will be re-issued to the buyer from Ticket Tailor. This will also update the name on the ticket in the process.

All resale will be tracked in the Ticket Tailor system.


To set up your event;

Step 1: Head to our Organiser Login

Step 2: Once you’re logged in, click “Add Event” in the top right corner.

Step 3: Search and select Ticket Tailor from the dropdown list.

Notion image

Step 4: Copy and paste your Ticket Tailor API token.

Note: To generate your API token, head to and generate a new API key with Admin and Customer data access.

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Step 5: Select the events that you’d like to add to Tixel.

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