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Integrating your Eventbrite account

Tixel integrates easily with Eventbrite to help fans safely exchange tickets to any event. This means that you can connect your Eventbrite account to your Tixel account.

Once the integration is activated, and a ticket is resold on Tixel, it will be cancelled and a brand new one will be re-issued to the buyer. This will also update the name on the ticket in the process.

All resale will be tracked in the Eventbrite system and an order note will be added to tickets that are resold to indicate why the ticket was cancelled to assist with customer support and box office troubleshooting if needed.

To set up your event;

1. Head to our Partner Login

2. Once you’re logged in, click “Add Event” in the top right corner.

3. Select the Eventbrite logo and follow the prompts

Note: When asked to put in your username and password, make sure the credentials you add in are the same as your Eventbrite account (not Tixel)

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