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How to enable a TicketBooth (ShowClix) integration

Tixel now supports automated ticket transfers for both TicketBooth and ShowClix. To enable this integration, please follow a number of simple steps:

Step 1

Log in to TicketBooth (or ShowClix) admin dashboard and go to the event that you want to integrate with Tixel. In the left side bar, choose “Ticket Reseller” option:

If “Ticket Reseller” option is not visible, please contact your account manager at TicketBooth (or ShowClix) and they will get it sorted for you.

In the “Resale Provider” dropdown list please choose “Lyte” (there is “Tixel” option in the list but please DON’T choose it since it has some temporary issues).

Step 2

Now, this step is very important — you will only see this information once. Please write down in a safe place items from this page:
  • Your special API username
  • Your special API password (won’t be shown again. if you lose it, please get in touch with the account manager)
  • Integration ID

Step 3

Now add these credentials on Tixel, click on your user avatar in the top right corner and choose “Integrations”, you will see TicketBooth and ShowClix blocks:

Copy & paste your credentials from the previous step here and click “Save”.

Step 4

All tickets sold on Tixel will now be automatically and safely transferred from now on!

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