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Can Tixel work with my primary ticketing company?

Yes. Tixel can work with all tickets. We like to work hand-in-hand with primary ticketing companies and have varying levels of integrations, depending on the company and level of collaboration.

How it works

In all cases, our technology learns and understands each E-ticket. Essentially, our system needs an E-ticket to start the process and, once received, it learns what that primary E-ticket looks, feels, and acts like. This way, whenever a fan uploads one of those tickets to Tixel, we automatically run an algorithm over it to detect any anomalies...and if it doesn't match the footprint of a real ticket it will be instantly rejected.

As part of this process, we are able to pick up all the key data points on the ticket too such as price, name, etc. Just this feature alone provides users with a safe place to resell their tickets as they know prices are capped, duplicates rejected, buyer/seller profiles fully visible/transparent, and verified to use the platform and fund transfers handled by us rather than user to user.


We do like to collaborate with the primary ticketing issuer directly, and whilst not always required, an integration offers that extra layer of protection to automatically invalidate and re-issue tickets to buyers. It also means that all transactions are tracked on one single platform.

Whilst we do work with hundreds of organisers that utilise primary ticketing companies that we do not have a direct integration with and they are still able to use our service for the many benefits it affords them (and their audience), we are always happy to work directly with the primary ticketing company and it is one of our core competency to build technology to facilitate this. Here is some more information. Feel free to loop us in. We are here help.

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