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What you need to know about 'name changes’

It is important to distinguish that Tixel is not just a place for fans to complete a 'Name Change'. We encourage fans to complete the sale through Tixel to make sure the buyer is always protected and doesn’t fall victim to fraud or price gouging.

When we are integrated with the primary ticketer, the name change will happen automatically when a ticket is resold. It's just a part of the service.

What about just doing a 'Name Change?'

Historically, some primary ticketing companies have offered a way for fans to just complete a "Name Change" with a fee attached, without actually regulating the resale transaction itself.

This is not advised as it means that there is no protection for buyers if something goes wrong. This can still open up fans to fraudulent tickets from offline transactions.

So what if a fan wants to sell their ticket to a friend or has found a buyer privately?

If an attendee has arranged to sell or give their ticket privately to a friend, they can simply list the ticket and before the final confirmation, select the 'private listing' option.

More info here

Just updating a name

Lastly, if your event is integrated, if a fan just wants to change the name on the ticket to a friend or family, they can either get in touch with the primary ticketing company, or simply create a private sale link and sell the ticket for $1 which will automatically change the name in the process.

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